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Image by Chris Lawton


6 months ago (February 2023)

"Best place to receive medication management on the whole lower shore. Such compassionate staff and doctors who really listen, care and help."


   10 months ago (September 2022)


"Mrs Walker is very kind and caring works hard with me to overcome my issues. Furthermore goes above and beyond as recently Walgreens staff is now composed of ego maniac very rude jerks, she stayed well beyond closing to help transfer my much needed rx to a more caring pharmacy. The staff is top tier from the kind receptionist on to the awesome intake guy who always puts a smile on your face with his kindness and caring, to the dear lady checking out. These people are the best, when I'm so down I feel like I'm going under everyone here helps in a huge way to bring me up they deserve praise and recognition ❣️👍"



a year ago (July 2022)


"For the past decade I have seen countless mental health professionals. I just recently saw Dr. Paul. Surprisingly, he was able to pin point so many stressors in my life-after just 1 appointment. He was knowledgeable of my history, my family’s health history and also the progress I’ve made with a colleague of his. I left his office with a sense of relief-that I may be finally able to get my meds correct, practice coping skills and continue to make progress in my recovery. His office staff is the nicest group of employees. They are so helpful and attentive. I could go on and on with positive things to say about IHS. If you are seeking a compassionate mental health office, I highly recommend Dr. Klaverweiden at IHS"


a year ago (September 2022)

" The best people the most caring and professionals. They saved my life point blank. I can't say enough about them. If you need help please talk to them."



2 years ago (July 2021)

"Doctor Paul Has Been My therapist since I was in active addiction I now have 5 years clean he even moved an hour away and I'd rather make the drive then go to someone else five stars all the way"



years ago (July 2020) 

"Great people they want to help you and they don't take short cuts like others do and they really listen"

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