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Paul E. Klaverweiden, Jr.

​​I have spent my lifetime trying to encourage others. First, as a Pastor and a Nurse for many years. 

During my years in the Army, I worked in the Chaplain's Division providing counseling and support to soldiers who were entering military life, facing deployment, and in a Critical Care Medical center for wounded and critically ill military personnel. 

Returning to Salisbury in 1989, I learned there wasn't support available for individuals with HIV/AIDS.  I became the first President and Counselor of Eastern Shore AIDS Foundation.  In that capacity I provided one-on-one and group therapy support for Children, Women and Men who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  Additionally, I provided caregiver and family support for family and friends of HIV/AIDS patients.  


After becoming a nurse, I worked in many critical areas that have greatly influenced my drive and compassion to provide inspiration.  Whether I was in the Emergency Room, ICU, working as a Hospice Nurse or in Corrections, I felt it crucial to not only provide care that would meet the medical needs of my patients, but also to provide care that would inspire them to move forward in complete wellness. Now as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I find myself in a role of not just providing medication but providing Inspiration.  While medical interventions play an important role in the treatment of Psychiatric / Behavioral conditions and Substance Abuse Treatment, I find it vital that with fundamental education it would give people the power to understand their condition and become the person they always dreamed of being.

Work Experience




  • 12 years working with Psychiatric and Behaviors in the Developmental Disabled Population

  • 15 years as a Licensed Registered Nurse

  • 14 years as a Pastor

  • 20 + Years of Counseling Services

  • 3 Year Intensive Substance Abuse Counseling and Treatment in a Full-Time Residential Home

  • ANA Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

  • University of South Alabama - MSN - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

  • Wilmington University - BSN

  • Wor-Wic Community College - ADN

  • Certified Medical Cannabis Provider.

  • Certified Medication Assisted Treatment Provider for Suboxone.

  • ANA Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

  • Doctorate in Christian Studies and Counseling.

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Mary Anne Walker

​​I graduated from Nursing school in 1977 and I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1986. During these years, I worked in many areas of nursing, including intensive care, cardiac and surgical intensive care and trauma. I worked with worker's compensation patients, home hospice and a family practice office. 

In 1988 I graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing and became a Family Nurse Practioner. As a NP, I've worked in primary care, long term care and a facility for the developmentally disabled. In 2020 I pursued a long-held ambition in psychiatric care and in December 2021, I earned a certificate as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. 

I've been working at Inspiration Health Services since May 2022. I see adult patients with a wide range of psychiatric and mental health needs. It is my goal to assist my patients in attaining relief from symptoms that negatively affect their daily lives and return them to the full level of functioning adults and coping with everyday life.

Work Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Master of Science in Nursing

  • Certificate of Psychiatric and Mental Health NP

Fall Leaves

Lavon Landis

I am a mother of 5 grown children and a grandmother to 11. I am married to my wife of 32 years. I am a U.S. Navy hospital corpsman veteran. 

Taking care of others is what I like to do best. As a new cardiac nurse in 2012, I quickly realized that all patients' need someone to advocate for them. The ones that need advocacy the most are children, and those who have addictions and mental illness. 

My sole mission in my practice is to provide calm, understanding, supportive, non-judgmental, quality care for every patient I see and those in the practice. My speciality is children, developmental disabilities, as well as those across the life span. 

I treat LBGTQ individuals as well as those with addictions and in recovery. 

Work Experience

  • ASN 2012

  • MSN Nursing Education 2015

  • Master Certificate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner 2021

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Lauren Deal

I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore. I grew up mostly in Salisbury but started out in Ocean City. I did a lot of traveling between the two due to my family having a house there. 

I am very close to my family. I've been married for 20 years and have three children. I briefly played college basketball. In my free time, I like to be active. I run marathons, lift weights and exercise daily. I love to spend as much time as possible with my family. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Salisbury University. I worked as a Sports Administrator at a nonprofit, and I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 20 years. During that time, I went back to school to become a nurse. I got my ADN at Wor-Wic and my BSN at Wilmington University. I worked at Tidal Health as a medical/surgical nurse, then went to Atlantic General as a medical/surgical nurse and later as a Patient Care Supervisor. During that time, I obtained my MSN from Walden and became a PMHNP-BC. 

I've always been interested in working with clients who had eating addictions and disorders. I wanted to know how someone's mind worked and what drove their behaviors. I felt that people who struggle with mental illnesses and disorders are misunderstood and underserved. I want to be able to help my community in this capacity.

Work Experience

  • Salisbury University

  • Wilmington University 

  • Walden University

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